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Journal Entry 14.1 - An appology

Friday night I hurt a couple people that are very close to me. I can't apologize for the way I felt, because I can't help that. I can however apologize for the way I handled it. I should've never reacted that way, but I did out of sheer emotion and what I got in return was sheer emotion. All of it was negative on both sides unfortunatley. All I know is that I've made ammends with one of them, one i don't know where they stand or even what they know (but amends will be attempted reguardless), and the other seems to detest me. All I can say is that I never ment to hurt anyone, and I know that no harm was ment to me by anyone. I hope that we can all forgive and put this behind us, cause I love you guys too much to fight with you. So in closing, I'm sorry and I pray you'll forgive me.
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