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Journal Entry 18 - Hello, are you still there? Sorry, wrong number.

Hello friends. It's been a while, I know. With my mother's recovery and starting a new job, my life has been....hectic? :-) I am in good spirits for a change. A welcomed change, I might add. NexTel is going great! It is a pain in the @$$ at times, but we try to keep each other laughing through the day and it helps make a fun environment to work in. I knew it would be this way though. That is why I went through 8 months of background check issues and re-applying. I knew it would pay off in the end, and as where that hasn't happened monetarily yet (still waiting on that first paycheck) it has paid off mentally. It feels great to be doing what I know best again. Moving on though, my mother went for her first check up yesterday and they said it was going to be another 4 weeks before she could return to work. She's not happy with that, but after the last surgery/recovery debacle, she is inclined to listen to the doctor this time. (love ya mom).

This past week, but even more to the point, these past two days have been interesting for me. I've been haunted by a melody that, up till recently and with fair success, I've been able to put behind me. It has held such meaning in the past that I've had to lock it away for a bit. I've been able to listen to it whenever I pop in that album and just listen past it, but on monday, I just couldn't stop playing it on my way to work (which is like 15 minutes away, so not playing it all day). The thing that makes it interesting is that I'm not sure whether it's a bad thing or not. Now most of you think I'm nuts right now. I say most because, with the exception of two (or maybe 3 people if one is still reading LJ), none of you have much of a clue as to what I am talking about. Then again, I'm not sure I do. :-) There is more to this than I can tell to all. Those confidantes that I have though will undoubtedly hear the rest at some point. Ah well, maybe it's just co-dependence, maybe it's a lingering emotion, maybe it's hope, maybe it's the pizza I ate yesterday...who knows?

Till next time....Levitate the Minerals!
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