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Exhaustion, the mother of sleep

Hidey Ho neighbors! Still gonna be a while before I can post regularly. I am in a very transitional time right now. I am moving again, temporarily, only this will be my last stop before I get a place of my own with Hodge. This entry is going to be short. It's more or less to let everyone know I am still alive and "well". ;-)

I have to call out one thing. I don't know if and how many people know this, but I feel everyone should. A couple weeks ago, someone did something that touched me. I had to go to the emergency room because the pain in my tooth was unbearable and my insurance hadn't kicked in with NexTel yet. I went on to AIM to see who was on just before I left and saw Kima. Long story short, she came with me to the emergency room so that I wouldn't be alone there. God knows that she didn't have to do that, but she did anyway. That just goes to show the kinda person Kima is. Despite the fact that we've drifted apart for many reasons, I know that I can count on her if I need a friend. I hope that she will keep in mind that I am there for her as well, whenever she needs anyone. She knows how to find me. I owe her a lot for all she's done for me. I am worried cause I haven't heard from or about her recently, so Kim, if you read this, and you need to talk about or need help with anything, I will be there for you.

Hope ya'll like my new pic. It's a place holder for the three new ones that I am working on converting to GIF's. No time to do that now. So much for a short entry. LOL. I just felt that needed to be known. To all of you, I love you all and can't wait to get back to updating regularly. Till next time, elevate the devices with which you destroy wrinkles...
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