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The Epic 20th Post and the Hopefull Full-time Return of The Conundrum

Good lord it's been a long time. I have found myself with time. This is so weird. I haven't had very many moments to myself where I felt like actually being productive. It's been a long road, getting from there to here.....wait, that's a song. It has been an awfully long and unbelievably eventful couple of months since my last full-time post in here.
So, begin. The end of the "Third Renaissance" of the karaoke group seems to have come to a close, and MustangKelley, wonderland218, Hodge242 and I are trying to figure out where to go from here. We all love the various members of this last group, so we don't want to lose them, but at the same time, the possibility of what's to come is exciting. Hodge and I have started writing some and just need to find some people who can play to join us in doing this. We've decided to say screw waiting for now and just start doing it ourselves with a four track (though we need to find In a personal victory for me, I have been able to write here lately. I'm still not at the point of writing anything but lyrics, but for anyone who knows me in a band setting this is a triumph indeed. This inaugural ball is going to be great. My father, whose band the Southern Winds Band ( is playing for the third consecutive time at the ball in DC, has once again gotten me in. But this time I was able to procure 4 tickets. I can't wait. An old dear friend of mine, Monica, will be accompanying me, and Hodge242 and his girlfriend Amy, will be joining us. This will be great!
Now onto my professional life. Nextel is going amazing. Since my last post I have worked my way into first place in the store, and fairly consistently top five in the DC South district. I love this job. I've been in charge of training all three of our new reps, which is something I absolutely love. So much so that I am going after a promotion of sorts. We have, under the company Nextel Communications, two banners: Nextel, and Boost Mobile. Both of these entities are Nextel to us, just different to the public. I'm working on becoming a Field Marketing Agent for Boost, in other words a sales trainer. I would get to travel around the greater DC area teaching people about our product, showing them all the cool new stuff, and getting to meet a lot of people. This is so tailor made for me. I wont get the interview till next month and it wouldn't start for a couple months after that, but still, it is exciting.
Now it's time to say goodbye. Well, I think that's enough for now. I should be writing fairly frequently now, at least once a week as I have a day off. Next time I'll probably post one of my songs for you guys to look over and give feedback on. Till next time...
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