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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! whew, that's better :-)

Writer's block, or in this case artist's block, sucks. I need to make new posters for eXophonic but I am drawing nothing but blanks. (Like the play on words? ha ha) So, I come to bug you all. Hi. Not High, hi. This would be easier the other way, but no. I know the sorce of the block. I'm over taxed. 60 hrs a week on these two jobs, all the while juggling a personal life and trying to find a place to live by the end of the month wich is oh, 7 days from now, I really am not feeling too creative. :-) Not sure if that's a coping mechanism smile or a genuine one, but it'll do. In the past few months I been a part of a new company launch, lost two very close friends, looked at an old relationship with new possibilities, had more dumped on me at work, had my social life turned upside down....too much, but complaining isn't gonna do anything. I feel I've alienated a lot of people recently cause I'm so overloaded that I spill out on them and they are sick of me for now. So, please, stop reading this. This one's for me. I hold no malice to anyone that I pour my crap onto, I just needed to vent into nothing. Makes it easier to say these things. Even though there is still a lot that only I can hear for now. Ah well. Off to work. Later.
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