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I know, I know, I need to update more often

I'm happy. I mean honeslty happy. I've made a bunch of people mad. Lost my promotion at work. Had some issues with eXophonic (which are resolved). Yet I'm happy. My life is finally in balance. Granted I'm not sure what sleep is anymore, but at the same time, in some ways, I'm more alert and rested than ever before. I'm thinking of a line in Kid Rock's Picture. "Wish I had a good girl to miss me..." That prase right there has been an issue for me all my life. Now, I will not detract from anyone that I've been with. I have picked very well in my time, but this one is different. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something there that has been absent from my life. I'm not saying anything more on that publically yet, but all in due time. Till next months
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