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Soooo Tired...

Well, I have prooven beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am a complete dork. Not that most of you didn't already know that, but yeah. I have now seen Star Wars III 4 times in 48 hrs. Oh yeah, what's up now? So yeah, we did a launch party for episode III's first showing and it went off without a hitch. Fun times, fun times. Anyway, what's next. Oh yeah, Lauren and I are still together, still going strong (song reference?). We are moving this weekend, which I am looking forward to greatly. I must say that I absolutely love this girl. I mean, head over heels, compleately ga-ga for her. I feel fulfilled for the first time in my life. eXophonic entertainment is going great. my career is at an impass. I'm in love. Life is good. Oh, and she's a dork too! She was there with Hodge and I for 2 of the showings! Not cause I begged her to go, but because she genuinely wanted too. Woooooooo! I found a keeper, I found a keeper! Anyway, I must depart to go to work. Till next time all!
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