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I hate assholes!

So Lauren, Nikkol, and I go to meet with people from her work at friday's (after the destination is changed for the third time). I'm not feeling going out, but she says she really wants me there in that tone like someone's gonna be there she doesn't feel comfortable with, so I go. It wasn't mentioned to me that it was going to be a bunch of marines. I hate marines. She knows I hate marines. I'm sure there are a few good ones out there, but I've never met one. Lauren and Nikkol say something in private and one of them pushes to find out what it was. Pushes to the point I was getting ready to tell him to back off when she said something to him to shut him up. I realize this isn't going to be just a drink and then home as the girls get shots. So I go and get a drink, figuring by the time it's out of my system they'll be ok to drive as well. Within ten minutes one of the jar heads starts talking like he wants to fight some dude cause he's gay. One of his boys tries to calm him down, but he's not having it. As he's being told to chill I couldn't take it anymore and I started telling him to "calm the fuck down and leave him alone". Finally this all ends. At this point i'm pissed. Lauren gets up to pay her tab and leave. Now I've wasted money I didn't really have on a drink that I've had two sips of and I had to deal with stupid shit. What a fucking waste of a night. Fuck marines.
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