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Memories of Granddad Joke

My Grandfather passed away friday night. He ment a lot to me. I'm wrestling with whether I will have the strength to say something myself, or have the minister say it for me. Either way, this is what I've prepared:

This is my fondest conscious memory of Granddad Joke. Whenever I was over at their house he and I would either stay inside or go out on the front porch and play chess. He never held back. I never won a game, well...almost never. We were outside this particular day and we were going back and forth and I was actually doing quite well. Finally I did it, I won! I beat my mentor. I was so thrilled about it. It wasn't till later that I found out I had made an illegal move that I didn't know about and he let it slide without telling me. So I guess I still never "won" a game, but he sure made me feel like I've never lost. So until the next game Granddad Joke, keep the caffeine free diet coke cold, the Tostitos by your side, tell Muffet and Rocky I'll see them soon, and practice, cause I will beat you for real when next we meet. I love you.
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